For decades we've offered insurance and executive retirement programs through Management Compensation Group (MCG).

Management Compensation Group LLC is part of NFP Executive Benefits, a nationally recognized firm that advises companies on how to best create or re-design corporate-sponsored benefit plans as well as provides ongoing service to support these plans with the right systems and solutions. Smart ancillary benefit programs help employers to recruit, retain, and reward their employees through programs that allow them to prepare for the future by deferring income into retirement plans or protecting income through life insurance and disability programs. 

We have a history of building partnerships that bring your company the best expertise for its particular project. We collaborate, refer and recommend. We provide plan design and implementation, employee enrollment, account and policy recordkeeping, ongoing administrative services, call center support, program evaluation, and benefit funding through our in-house professionals and service delivery.  MCG and the affiliated NFP Executive Benefits companies work directly with large companies as strategic partners as well as through other advisors, including large investment banks. The firm describes its practice areas regarding compensation deferral plans, disability income, life Insurance and other plans at

For more information, please contact us at +1 (404) 504-3800.